Silagra, also known as Sildenafil Citrate, is the generic version of Viagra used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and impotence in men. It is available for sale in the strengths of 100 mg.

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How does Silagra-100 work?

Silagra contains the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate, also found in Viagra pills. This drug helps men facing erectile problems to respond to sexual stimulation. When a man is sexually aroused, the medication helps the penis fill with sufficient blood to cause an erection. It is important to understand that Sildenafil Citrate cannot work if sexual stimulation is not present.

Safety info

How to use Sildenafil Citrate?

The usual dosage for Silagra is one 100 mg tablet for an adult man. It is not advised to exceed this dose in 24 hours. The medication should be taken 30-60 minutes with a large glass of water before sexual intercourse. The effects of the drug may last up to six hours in a man’s body. You may during this period at any time attempt to engage in sexual activities with your partner and reach successful erections.

Precautions before taking this medicine

It is recommended to speak with your healthcare provider before taking Sildenafil Citrate if you have never used it before. You should inform the medical professional of your health issues, especially if you have one of the following conditions: eye problems, heart-related problems, liver or kidney diseases, strokes or other allergies. Do not use Sildenafil Citrate if you are already using Nitrate drugs or other medications to treat ED; also inform your healthcare provider of other supplements/herbs you might be using.

About side effects

Some patients may experience some side effects to the use of Silagra-100, they are as follows: facial flushing, diarrhea, headache, indigestion or nasal congestion. More serious ones include allergic reactions (hives, skin rash), changes or loss of hearing, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, prolonged or painful erection (priapism) or seizures. This list is non-exhaustive. Seek immediate medical help if you feel any adverse reaction to Sildenafil Citrate.