Edegra 50mg

Many people have been using Edegra for a long period of time and have been using this product as a performance enhancer. That is really wrong and it is ridden with a lot of risks because this product is essentially for treating erectile dysfunction problems and using it for any other purpose could be a potentially dangerous health risk which at times could also be life threatening. Hence it is very important to know some basic information about this drug Viagra before we start using it. We should never buy Edegra 50 over the counter and should buy it only under a doctor’s prescription.

What does Edegra do? In a normal person, erection is usually caused by blood flow into some internal areas of the penis. In a person suffering from erectile problems, the flow of blood to the penis is impaired leading to insufficient or lack of blood flow to the required areas. So Viagra has certain chemical properties which apart from ensuring the required blood flow to the penis also help in sexually arousing a person. This eventually leads to a normal erection and maintenance of this erection till the entire sexual intercourse act is completed.

Edegra usually comes in three different strengths i.e. 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. The strength that should be used by a patient depends entirely on his needs and problems and the doctor is the best person to decide which strength to prescribe to which patient. Though people know this product by Edegra 100 the actual generic name for this product is Slidenafil. The product is usually taken orally one hour before the sexual act. The dosage is usually once daily. Though this is the generally accepted dosage, it would always be better to contact the health care providers for getting more information if needed.

Coming to side effects associated with Edegra tablet, it is generally well tolerated with minimum side effects. However, like many drugs which have side effects, some common and normal side effects on the usage of Viagra cannot be ruled out. The common side effects with the use of this drug can be headaches, temporary visual problems, stomach cramps and stomach upsets. There have some instances of blurred vision also because of the usage of this drug. But all these side effects wear off within a few days. If it does not remit within a few days, it is better to contact your health provider before continuing usage of this drug.

There are many people who believe that for best effects it is better to use Edegra sun pharma in combination with other drugs. This is highly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. There are no studies or findings to prove the efficacy and more importantly safety of using Viagra in combination with other products. Hence, using Edegra tablet in combination with other drugs is a strict no.